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The best Armour of Old Age is a well spent life preceding it; a Life
employed in the Pursuit of useful Knowledge, in honourable Actions and
the Practice of Virtue; in which he who labours to improve himself from
his Youth, will in Age reap the happiest Fruits of them; not only because
these never leave a Man, not even in the extremest Old Age; but because a
Conscience bearing Witness that our Life was well-spent, together with
the Remembrance of past good Actions, yields an unspeakable Comfort to
the Soul.

They who say that we should love our fellow-citizens but not
foreigners, destroy the universal brotherhood of mankind, with which
benevolence and justice would perish forever.

Two distinctive traits especially identify beyond a doubt a strong and
dominant character. One trait is contempt for external circumstances,
when one is convinced that men ought to respect, to desire, and to pursue
only what is moral and right, that men should be subject to nothing, not
to another man, not to some disturbing passion, not to Fortune.
The second trait, when your character has the disposition I outlined just
now, is to perform the kind of services that are significant and most
beneficial; but they should also be services that are a severe challenge,
that are filled with ordeals, and that endanger not only your life but
also the many comforts that make life attractive.

Of these two traits, all the glory, magnificence, and the advantage, too,
let us not forget, are in the second, while the drive and the discipline
that make men great are in the former.

For while we are enclosed in these confinements of the body, we
perform as a kind of duty the heavy task of necessity; for the soul from
heaven has been cast down from its dwelling on high and sunk, as it were,
into the earth, a place just the opposite to godlike nature and eternity.
But I believe that the immortal gods have sown souls in human bodies so
there might exist beings to guard the world and after contemplating the
order of heaven, might imitate it by their moderation and steadfastness
in life.